The Benefits of Journaling

The Benefits of Journaling

The idea of self-improvement has become more popular and something that people are chasing after. Many people have realized the magic of journaling when it comes to increasing the quality of one’s life. This is because journaling is a powerful way to figure out who you are, what you want and the type of progress you’re making towards your goals. It is truly one of the most introspective and effective tools out there.


If you are still wondering, “what could be writing a couple pages every day really do for me?”. Then let me convince you with the following benefits that you can receive by incorporating journaling into your everyday routine..



As mentioned above, journaling is an incredibly introspective practice. Meaning that you will learn a lot about not only yourself but the events in your life. A Harvard Business School study found that “reflecting on what has been learned makes the experience more productive.”


Meaning, when you take the time to reflect on your day, you are more likely to learn and internalize the lesson. Acknowledging these lessons will create a space where you can learn and grow at a much more rapid pace than you would if you did not reflect.



It has been proven that writing your goals down will make you more likely to achieve them. This increase in success is due to the feeling of commitment to your goals after you write them down. As well, you will increase motivation, by breaking your goals down into actionable steps and keeping track of progress.


It’s no wonder how there are successful people that attribute their achievements to journaling every day. It’s a practice that zeros in on the big picture and helps with motivation to take inspired actions towards their goals.



The brainstorming you do when journaling improves your creativity. It does this by allowing you to track everything you are thinking and free your mind to allow new ideas. Journaling essentially allows you to dump whatever you are holding in your brain into your notebook. This clarity creates room in your mind to make room for other ideas that may come during your journal session or during the day.



Journaling allows you to take time and focus on the positives in your life. By writing down what you are grateful for during your journaling process, you gain incredible power. Expressing gratitude has a domino effect on your life, the more you practice it intentionally, the better you will see the positives in your life throughout your days. Overall, you will be better connected with yourself and the things you may have been taking for granted.


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