Fun Ways to get to know your Partner Better

Fun Ways to get to know your Partner Better

It is always possible to get to know your partner better, as we grow and change there is always something to learn and what matters to them changes. 

To be closer is to really learn about your partner, it connects you emotionally and intimately. Relationships get deeper the more we show an interest in them and their thoughts, preferences and likes. 

Here are some really easy fun ways to get to know your partner. 

  1. Try out their hobbies - then create a hobby together. 
    1. Come together and learn something new, ice skate, ski, hike go camping do something together that will become your thing as you grow together. 
  2. Spend Quality time together - go on vacation away from the normal day to day. 
    1. You learn so much about a person on vacation, how do they do when you have to wait 4 hours for a rental car. When you get bumped up to the honeymoon suite. Adventure is guaranteed! 
  3. Make a trivia game using this book to ask questions that can later be added to the couples game. 
  1. Hang out with their friends. 
    1. Friends pull no punches, they will tell you the good, bad and the ugly. 
  2. Take a trip to their hometown, have them tell you and show you about what they did there.
    1. It feels good to share your life with your partner, show them where you ride your bike for the first time, where you had your first job or the place you realized your dreams. 
  3. Never hurts to get to know the parents. 
    1. Ever wonder why your partner has weird quirks? This is the quickest way to find out. Or even really hear the most embarrassing stories, milk shot out their nose at the family gathering, ripped their pants before the big game. 
  4. Be a better listener
    1. You have to really hear what your partner is saying and support them with what they share even if it's hard or scary. It's your job to listen, care, and also bring them happiness. 
  5. Check in with them when they least expect it. 
    1. Lunch note, quick text, a phone call at the end of a long day, you are your partner's rock, make sure they know you're there. 

  1. Be HONEST 
    1. This needs no explanation, to really cultivate and grow your relationship this will be the foundation. 
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