Doodling is Good for your Mental Health

Doodling is Good for your Mental Health

I am a doodler, I love to see what other people doodle while on the phone or in meetings. In the past people have said it's rude, or it meant I want to listen.


Studies have now found that it keeps you grounded and focused. 

They know how to doodle meditation classes and classes on doodling analysis. Books have been written for example “The Doodle Revolution,” by Sunni Brown who is a visual consultant, and founder of Deep Self Design.

It has been found that it's not a bad or rude habit but one that many people do to help them think and focus.

It is also a simple way to relax and create, the doodles themselves can be quite beautiful.  

Doodling sketchbooks

Since doodling is more of a subconscious art it can be extremely therapeutic. Some find it very significant to how a person is thinking and feeling at the time. 

“Science supports the idea that doodling enhances creativity, spirituality, and problem solving.” The Mental Health Benefits of Doodling (

It has been shown to adjust moods or regulate frustrations. A big discovery was that it has been shown that when a person doodles while listening to a zoom call, they are able to recall more of what they heard. As well as solve a significantly distracting problem because it allows the break in mental merry go round we incur with problems solving. 

The doodles are genuinely authentic, the mind, body and eye connection itself creates a unique state of mind and self expression. 

Doodle sketchbook

Different kinds of Doodles

There are also now doodle classification that take doodling to the next level. 

  1. Zentangle ® -repetitive patterns, focus, no eraser, small 3.5" square, Black and White only & abstract. 
  2. Zendoodling- everything from adobe BUT can be in color and any size paper. 
  3. Stendoodling-Various sized stencils are used to create inside of each other. 
  4. Mandalas - circles created with a purpose in mind, think connection or intentions and with a variety of colors that are significant to the goal- i.e. RED=energy and passion .
  5. Doodle Art- all the rest! 

Doodling is important for kids. 

Doodling sketchbook

Doodling is great for the mind, kids find it enjoyable and it leads to a happy experience. 

Some benefits from kids doodling are much like adults but with more of a significant punch. 

It helps them relax

Kids can get really worked up and something not having the tools internally to help them relax this technique can be a wonderful tool for them. It has been shown to improve the heart rate. 

Helps kids Stay focused, grasp new concepts, and Retain information.

Nothing wrong with that! Think school, church or even family events. Anything that can enhance the brain to help children learn is a wonderful tool. 

Be more creative

Art has been shown to bring out the creative in all walks of life. It is therapeutic and healing but not everyone is great at creating, doodling can be a doorway that can introduce creativity and art without the talent belief barrier. 

Great books to get started on doodling: 

Even Greater Sketchbooks to doodle in: 

Plain Doodle notebooks : 

Doodle notebook

So if you don't doodle or try not to because you think it's rude, now is the time to let that pen roll. 

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