Best Music to Listen to while Journaling

Best Music to Listen to while Journaling

“Recent studies have shown that listening to background noise — especially pop hits — can actually hinder your writing. “Tasks that involve language processing or decision making need your attentional focus, and when you try to do two such tasks at the same time, you end up switching your attention back and forth.”- How Listening to Music May Hinder Your Writing

So what does that mean for journaling, I personally need to listen to something while i journal. I get a better journal experience when I incorporate music. 

People like Stephen King listen to heavy meatal during the writing process, and if you read his books that makes sense so what to listen to? 

The best music is the type that will improve focus, get you in touch with emotions and feelings, and  limit distractions (background noise). 

The science is obviously still out on this but most studies  have found that background, ambient and music without lyrics (think classical or Jazz) can improve cognition and now schools do recommend it. 

But if the music is distracting, lots of ups and downs, words that you want to concentrate or sing to can inhibit and distract you from doing your best work. 

Below are links to soundtracks to help your get in the writing mood without being distracting: 

Best study headphones


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