10 Easy Ways to Journal your way to Success

10 Easy Ways to Journal your way to Success

After reading countless articles on what makes successful people successful and routines of highly successful people. I have come to the conclusion that journaling is at the top. 

As I hit a plateau on my success journey, It seems that this is a step that I haven't really invested in and would like to. 

Since journaling for me has been a somewhat spotty habit, I decided to make 10 easy ways for me to stay engaged daily and therefore enforce this successful habit. Here's what has worked for me the past 6 months of journaling. 

  1. Write a goal daily, then break it down into actionable steps for the day or even week. 

I have massive amounts of journals filled to the brim with goals, daily monthly yearly, financial, career, relationship. The one thing they are missing is actionable items. They are overwhelming. So any easy way for me to stay focused is to take a goal a day and focus on that. I grabbed those notebooks and broke down some of the bigger goals, like invest or save 30,000 this year. So each day I have a goal of lets say, not spending $150 at target on things I don't need. Or let's look at my goal of stepping up my career, to achieve that goal today I will look into classes that would help me reach the goal in my career. Simple easy steps to eat the elephant one bite at a time!

2. Celebrate the wins 

Everything around you once started as a dream. I remember hearing this and thinking oh my god I did manifest this. I hadn't even considered how far I had come, I just moved onto the next thing. Stopping to smell the roses and take inventory can really boost your mood and put some power behind the goals you have in front of you. This simple exercise I do at the start of every month to really look at how amazing it can be to focus on your goals.

3. Find a quote 

I find quotes so inspirational, sometimes a quote can really move me, get me thinking and feeling either negative or positive. It helps to find that quote and then put down where it takes me. I am always surprised by what it can stir up, heal or motivate in me.

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4. Gratitude

Oprah was big on this movement years ago and it still rings true, you cannot be grateful and negative at the same time. You are only one so looking at what you are grateful for down to the most insignificant thing can put you in a higher vibration instantly and who doesn't want to be there!


5. Let it go 

Sometimes days are just bad, someone flips you off while driving, a customer service employee is very rude or a friend hurts you. These days I write it all down and allow it to just sit there on the paper, I let it go. I give it all to the journal then forget it. Dwelling and circling the horses around the issues doesn't do anyone any good, so my most important journal entry is to LET IT GO. 

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6. Question yourself, what would it take to…Why haven't I done X yet…

My therapist once dug in deep with questions on why I felt like I haven't succeeded yet at a certain task. She asked me what I thought success looked like and why I felt like I had not achieved it, she said what it would take for me to achieve it. Just the process of looking into this opened my eyes to my hidden beliefs. Outward it looked like success but inward I was feeling anything but. I needed to define it and then and only then could I achieve it. SO when I set a goal or believe I am not achieving a goal I really look at it, look into and decide what the hold up is on paper. This has really changed how I look at my actions, beliefs and thought process in my life.

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7. Ideas 

This is my favorite, I love to be inspired and write down all the amazing ideas I have throughout the day. It was so much fun I dedicated a journal specifically to my daily thoughts and ideas for the day when I just have none!


8. Satisfaction 

I was listening to a podcast one day driving and the concept of satisfaction came up. They talked about drawing from time in your life where you felt the most satisfied. Big things like buying a house or little things like a quiet moment reading a book in a hammock. This really got me thinking about writing about the time I felt the most satisfied and then it spurred me to find moments each day of pure satisfaction. That warm cup a tea or a hot bath on a cold winter day. Dipping my feet in a stream in the summer or a surprise trip planned solely by my partner. I wanted to hold onto and create these moments as much as I could and writing it down and putting the memory on paper helped me to hold on and growth these moments.

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9. Create a Schedule 

If you thrive in a scheduled environment or if you don't write down a daily schedule this is both helpful and satisfying. Sometimes the days where I don't write down what I need to get done I seem to find myself doing nothing, no plan no thoughts just wandering. There are definitely days where this is a blessing a decompression and a break but most days I love to say ok today I am focused on doing this, then I let myself attempt the schedule with enough grace to know that it may not be ironclad, kids get sick or cars break down, the power goes out let life happen.


10. Detail the person you're becoming

I think it's beneficial to write down the strides we make in becoming the person we are aiming to be. Today I didn't engage in gossip or husband bashing. WIN! Today I let myself eat a whole tub of ice cream and that's okay. Being okay with the wins and the losses are a big part of being human and writing it down is also a way healthier way of entertaining that voice in our heads that doesn't celebrate you. 

Journaling for success is something that I have discovered to be a much needed tool in my life tool box, at the top of most successful peoples list. There is no better way to get out of our heads than to put it all on paper. Indulge, get a beautiful journal, get a journal with prompts, set your alarm and make it a habit. I promise you won't regret it. 

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